Why choose wool?

Luxury and much more ...

Besides the fact that wool is super luxurious, it actually has many other benefits that make it a great carpet choice. Here are some of the advantages you get when you buy a wool carpet:

1. Long lasting durability! Wool can last a very long time thanks to its excellent retention properties. It can be walked on, vacuumed and cleaned over many years and the pile still springs back to its original shape. This is due to the natural crimp in wool and why your wool carpet will look good for years to come.

2. Keeping it environmentally friendly! Wool carpets are biodegradable and recyclable. After serving their purpose in your home, they can be recycled into mattresses or many other products. Even if they do end up in a landfill, wool carpets decompose naturally, releasing valuable nutrients into the ground. Wool is a renewable resource. Sheep need to be sheared in the summer months so there will always be a fresh supply of wool available. Relatively small amounts of energy are needed to produce wool carpets.

3. Caring for wool is a breeze! There are tiny ridges on wool fibres that help to trap dirt so it stays on the surface and doesn’t become embedded in the pile underneath. This means you can easily vacuum away the dirt, as it’s sitting on the top of the carpet. Wool is naturally resistant to soiling. You should still treat spills as soon as they happen to avoid any chance of staining. To maintain a wool carpet, regular vacuuming is all you should need to keep it looking good.

4. Quality and comfort is a given! Wool will act as an insulator in your home keeping you nice and cosy in the winter. Thanks to little pockets of air in each fibre, it can also keep you cooler in the summer. A wool carpet also absorbs sound, making it a great choice if you have an area where people are constantly walking through. Wool feels soft underfoot, looks great, and is quality guaranteed.


5. Worth every cent! Wool may be a bit pricier than other carpet options, but it will pay off in the end. It will last longer than synthetic carpets and should also save you money because of how easy it is to keep clean.


6. Feel healthier with wool! Wool is a natural material that acts as a filter to keep pesky dust particles out of the air and so is a great choice for asthma sufferers. It is also naturally fire resistant.


So, now that you know all the reasons why wool can be a superior choice, all you need is a great collection of colours and styles to choose from. Luckily, we have plenty in our stores to browse through, and expert advice from our sales staff can help guide you in your choice.

Here are a few of the beautiful wool ranges we offer……..

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Versatile Wool: Elegant Velvet Vintage Gold, Woven Wilton Raschel High Class Silver, and City Plaid Kensington