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Why choose wool?

Luxury and much more ...

Besides the fact that wool is super luxurious, it actually has many other benefits that make it a great carpet choice. Here are some of the advantages you get when you buy a wool carpet:

Choosing the perfect flooring

Key factors when selecting your flooring

Buying your first carpet


A first-time buyer's guide to choosing a carpet

For the first-time buyer, the choice of carpets can be bewildering. Our carpet experts share some practical tips for choosing the best carpet for your needs.


It’s exciting setting up home for the first time, but terrifying how much everything costs.

We’ve been there. Most of our sales colleagues know first-hand what it’s like, and we’re used to advising first-time buyers.

Home truths about floors

Flooring is fundamental to the look and daily use of your home. It’s the stage on which everything happens.

So your floor not only needs to look good. It has to be fit for purpose – in terms of wear, comfort and safety, as well as style.

The options and choices are almost endless. But that’s where TC Matthews comes in. We’ve already refined the selection process for you by picking out the finest floor coverings – carpets, rugs, wooden flooring and vinyl – from the top manufacturers.

Do I need underlay?

What is underlay?

Underlay is a supporting layer that is placed underneath carpet and wooden flooring.

And it's essential to achieve a professional finish and to prolong the serviceable life of your flooring.

A decent underlay will make your carpet look and feel better, and last longer, as we explain below.

The wonders of wool - How many did you know?

Wool carpet isn’t just lovely on the eye and to touch. It’s a product with a whole range of qualities we sometimes overlook.

So what are the benefits this natural floor covering brings to your home?

In the loop! Know the pros and cons of different carpets.

Here’s the lowdown on carpet pile

The pile and the yarn are the defining features of any carpet.

Whether it’s natural or man-made, the yarn is woven through the backing of the carpet, forming a loop. This gives a ‘loop pile’ finish, or the loop may be cut to create a ‘cut pile’ carpet.

Most manufactures produce several styles and give them their own names such as Saxony, Axminster or Wilton. Each carpet's appearance, texture, and longevity is also determined by the type of fibre in the yarn.

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