Create Style with Colour

The Allure of Colour

Consciously or not, we’re affected by the colours around us. Our surroundings ‘colour our view’ – influencing our perceptions and mood. With her interior designer’s eye,  BRIDGET LUCID, from our Drogheda branch, looks at the latest colour trends and explains the appeal of contemporary greys and natural shades.

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Carpet Remnants

Finding a bargain at the end of the roll

Carpet remnants can be amazing value, but they're often overlooked.  We asked our carpet experts to clear up some of the most common misunderstandings about remnants so you don't miss out on a major bargain.

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Do I need underlay?

What is underlay?

Underlay is a supporting layer that is placed underneath carpet and wooden flooring.

And it's essential to achieve a professional finish and to prolong the serviceable life of your flooring.

A decent underlay will make your carpet look and feel better, and last longer, as we explain below.

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